Five Components of the Healing Process

Five Components of the Healing Process

As noted in the article, Learning the Healer’s Art, by ELAINE S. MARSHALL there are five components of the healing process.

1. First, we all know healing hurts so much, whether it is physical or emotional. In order to heal emotionally we have to be able to experience how we FEEL. I mean let’s be honest, sometimes we feel like it’s not needed, but it is.

2. Secondly, healing is very active. No one can do this work for us, even though we would love them to, but we won’t learn and grow from the experience.

3. Healing is private, and there is no greater pain than when we feel that we are all alone. It is a process and it is something that is so sacred. For example, there are times when I have I had my best crying sessions all alone, and no one else can affect that very special moment. It is not something that can be accomplished in one event, but it takes numerous events. I am not saying that you should always do this alone, absolutely not! What I am saying is that no one is there to affect this beautiful process you experience by yourself. Listen to your mind and your body and know when it is the time to grieve alone or to grieve with support.

4. Healing teaches us, and this is one life’s greatest lessons. It teaches us so many things such as happiness, faith, and humility. Healing is what gets us through life. For me, there is no better feeling than feeling invigorated, because it is hopeful and I feel like I can accomplish anything.

5. We must help others heal, so that no pain will be wasted. It inspires me when I see individuals who have gone through such great pain, and then they start a cause to help others with same particular problem. I remember at one point when I was going through a really hard time and during that time I was also seeing clients. I felt raw and my feelings were so real; therefore, my clients felt safer and were able to get the work done that they needed, because there was nothing but realness in my therapy room. As you figure out events, traumas, and attachment wounds in y our life, you know that they can use healing. Remember, with any great pain, great happiness can come from it, if you can experience healing.

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By Victoria Scott

Victoria is a loving and pleasant person who encourages others to connect with their authentic self. In addition, she models compassion, acceptance as well as using ones intuition and spiritual development. Victoria’s primary goal is to help assist her clients to experience healing towards wholeness. She keeps in mind that all individuals are different and as a result will utilize research- based models that fit the individual and the problem.