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Faith Crisis or Faith Transition

A crisis of faith can come at any point in your life.  Maybe it is the first moment you leave home and are responsible for maintaining your beliefs but find yourself questioning what you were raised to believe. The loss of a loved one, loss of a job, financial or relational struggles, global disasters, the ending of a major relationship or a terminal medical diagnosis can all contribute to questioning religious or spiritual beliefs. Some people question their faith when they find information that does not “sit well” with them about the religion’s past. Perhaps you have a family member who has not felt welcome due to your religion’s view and/ or treatment of LGBTQ+, female or other minorities in the community.  Sometimes religious and scientific research may be in conflict and can create doubt. There are several reasons why one may begin to question their faith, and every reason is valid!

A crisis of faith can feel isolating to the individual who is experiencing it. There are often many values and emotions that conflict with each other. Clients have described feeling duped, betrayed, embarrassed, hurt, afraid, alone, angry, judged, and depressed. People may struggle with expectations and pressure from their support system. “How do I tell my parents that I no longer believe?” or “My wife married me because she felt like I would be a strong spiritual leader for our family. What if she decides to leave me?” Often individuals risk losing their support system or even their financial security if they vocalize their doubt or leave the religious organization. This can lead to feeling stuck and hopeless, which can create depression or feeling pressured to put on a mask to perform the “part” you were taught to play. Losing or questioning your faith can feel a lot like losing a close loved one. There was safety and security in the belief. One client said, “Trust me. I WISH I could just still believe. It was so much easier when I did. I wish my family understood that this is not just a choice that I am making because I no longer want to live that lifestyle.”

 Client’s reactions to a faith crisis often mirror grief and are clinically treated in a similar way. We start by addressing the hurt, anger, doubts and fear that often accompany the faith crisis. We will explore options to help you find answers. As a counselor, our role is to help YOU identify your emotions and the values that are in conflict and help you determine the best course of action for your life. You may decide to start a new spiritual journey or to join a different religious congregation. Or you may decide that you are in a better place after talking through things and come out of the process newly committed to your faith. There is no right or wrong answer since a faith crisis is deeply personal for everyone who experiences one. The counseling setting is a neutral, judgement free place to explore your thoughts and options without pressure external sources. We are here for you!

HI, my name is Melaney Bright, your mental health specialist with faith crisis and faith transitions, please reach out and we would love to support you!

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