Self-Esteem Therapy

Do you struggle with feeling good about yourself, negative self talk, excessive guilt, and have a problem with saying no?

Most likely, you are struggling with low self esteem.

Its normal for individuals to feel this way in different times in their life but when it comes to feeling bad most of the time, this can REALLY impact

your life big time, in fact, individuals who have low self esteem engage in very problematic problems such as eating disorders, cutting, drug use, perfectionism, and tend to attract unhealthy relationships.

The Issue with low self confidence it impacts every part your life: relationships, career, parenting, and overall

mental health. It feels like you never have a break and your are constantly exhausted.

Signs and Symptoms:

Scared to be assertive

You can't trust yourself


Emotionally Dishonest


Social anxiety & isolation





Feeling Not-Good Enough

Cannot Say No


Withdrawn parents or emotional neglectful parents

Critical parents

Being bullied by peers, siblings, teachers or sports coaches


Cultural stress of what ideal successful person looks like

Shame based family system, “who I am is not good enough”

Lack of forgiveness from past mistakes

Poor modeling from your parents about self care and confidence

How do we treat the issue?

WE work on a plan together to help you

increase self love, which will result in a feeling of self worth, by using different techniques in therapy. The therapist will first assess what is going on and we will find together the causes. The therapist will educate you, teach you skills/coping, and treat the underlying issues, sometimes using powerful techniques like EMDR.

Self Esteem Therapy near

Houston, The Woodlands, League City & Midland

Our therapists support and assist clients to connect with their

authentic self and learn to love, not hate, themselves. Also, behaviors will be

evaluated that are not currently working for them. We utilize multiple therapy

modalities based on the client’s personality and problem. The therapy

modalities are all research-based and are showing success based on the

particular problems and the client.

Therapy Options for You

Our greatest desire at Therapy for Families is to help each

individual feel comfortable and hopeful about their therapy process. Please

feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We also offer a free consultation to help assess how therapy can benefit you and

help you to feel peace and happiness again. We offer therapy services in both

Houston and the Woodlands, Texas areas. We also serve in League City, Midland and online in Texas, Florida, South Dakota and Utah.