Counseling Services in The Woodlands, near Houston, TX

We offer a variety of therapy and counseling services in The Woodlands, near Houston, TX. Our Therapy for Families location is centrally located in the Houston-Sugar Land metropolitan area, where we provide individual counseling, couples counseling, and family therapy to help all find healing and peace. 

Our licensed, empathetic therapists offer a variety of counseling options including anxiety therapy, depression treatment, grief counseling, and self-esteem therapy. We have experience treating these and other concerns and we are prepared to support you through any difficulties you may face. We can help you develop the skills you require to overcome challenges and build a brighter future. If you are interested in a free 15-minute phone consultation, reach out to us on our Contact Us page. Or call us today to discuss counseling options available to you!

Personalized Therapy Services in The Woodlands, TX

Our Woodlands office is just off Sawdust Rd near The Peach Orchard in The Woodlands, TX. From I-45, take Exit 73 towards Sawdust Rd.

We offer therapy services Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. We offer multiple services such as depression treatment, Anxiety, Couples Counseling, & More!

At Therapy for Families, we accept payment by cash, check, or HSA card. We also accept church payments. Although we do not accept insurance, you can bill your insurance as out-of-network. Our per-session rates range from $75-$175.00.

If you have additional questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You may also contact us with any specific questions or concerns or to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

Contact us today to begin counseling with our licensed mental health therapists in

The Woodlands, TX.

Our experienced therapists are here to help you find healing and hope. We can provide you with the tools to gain a positive outlook on your relationship, life, or family situation. We offer personalized counseling services based on research-backed, evidence-based practices.

Our top priority is providing a safe, confidential, and inspiring setting where you can be your authentic self and access the support you need to begin your journey to a happy, healthier life. Reach out today and find out how we can help you with your therapy needs at Therapy for Families.


2219 Sawdust Rd, STE 1101

The Woodlands, TX 77380



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