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Life is full of changes, and sometimes these changes can be overwhelming. Whether it's going through a divorce, sending a child off to college, experiencing a graduation, or moving to a new place, these transitions can bring about a lot of stress. In fact, according to a 2022 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, “Around a third of adults (34%) reported that stress is completely overwhelming most days.

Seeking counseling during these times doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, it just means you're looking for support in navigating through the stress and finding healthy ways to cope. Our counselors understand that everyone reacts to stress differently, and what may be easy for one person can be challenging for another. It's important to remember that even positive transitions can be difficult, as they require adjustment and may not always turn out as expected. So if you're feeling overwhelmed during a period of change, know that it's okay to seek help and find ways to adapt to your new circumstances.

Different Life Transitions


Retirement can be a challenging and confusing time for many individuals. After years of looking forward to this stage of life, it can be disorienting to find oneself feeling lost or frustrated. According to a 2022 AARP study, “Among the newly retired, boredom, isolation, loneliness and a lack of purpose are common.”Individual counseling for retirement can provide a supportive space for retirees to explore their emotions and navigate the changes that come with this transition.

At Therapy for Families, we have therapists who work with older adults and understand the specific challenges of retirement. Our counselors can provide the necessary support and guidance to help individuals make peace with their past, discover a new sense of self, and navigate the changes that retirement brings. Whether retirees seek to make the most of their golden years or are facing unique stressors such as illness, depression, or relationship issues, we are here to help them find a therapist who is the right fit. 

New Parenting

Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for both moms and dads. It is a time filled with intense emotions and can have a great impact on overall mental health. Research shows around 1 in 5 women will develop mental health issues when they're pregnant or in the first year after their baby's born, and that 1 in 10 dads can struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety as well. While navigating the changes of new parenthood, it is common to feel like you've lost yourself in the process or you're crumbling under the stress. However, there is hope! Counseling can be a valuable resource in helping you navigate these changes and find joy in your role as a parent. Whether you're struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety, or simply feeling stressed about your new responsibilities, our counselors are here to provide support and therapy.

Chronic Illness

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease”. Living with a chronic illness can be challenging, both physically and mentally. The constant management of symptoms, doctor's appointments, and lifestyle adjustments can take a toll on your mental health. In this comprehensive guide, you will discover effective coping strategies and find support to help you navigate life with a chronic illness. It's normal to feel overwhelmed, scared, and frustrated as you navigate the complexities of managing your health. Chronic illness counseling can provide the support and guidance you need during this difficult time.

It is important to understand the connection between chronic illness and mental health. Chronic illnesses can have a significant impact on a person's mental well-being. The constant physical symptoms, limitations, and uncertainties can lead to feelings of frustration, sadness, and anxiety. Additionally, the stress of managing a chronic illness can exacerbate existing mental health conditions or contribute to the development of new ones. Recognizing and addressing the mental health challenges that may arise when living with a chronic illness is crucial.

If you are struggling with the impact of a chronic illness on your mental health, it is crucial to seek professional help and support.



The ending of a marriage can stir up an array of difficult emotions leaving you confused, exhausted, and potentially full of anger, bitterness, or resentment. Divorce is challenging because it has an impact on so many relationships. Whether you are contemplating a divorce, are fumbling through one, or find yourself attempting to heal from the aftermath of one, you don’t have to live with the depression, anxiety and hopelessness that often accompanies this tumultuous life transition. Research shows it takes at least a year or two to recover from divorce. Working with a counselor or therapist allows you an opportunity to process the difficult feelings, rebuild your emotional strength, and regain your footing. It is possible to find hope and healing while navigating the hardships that come with the ending of a marriage.


More than 27 million Americans moved in 2022, according to a US Census Bureau’s Current Population Study. Relocating to a new city can be terrifying regardless of whether it is for a “step-up” in life, or as a result of a “set-back”. Many things feel unfamiliar, and you may worry you will never feel at home in the new circumstances. Maybe you moved away from family or friends and feel a lack of support and instability. Building a new life and reorienting yourself may feel overwhelming; perhaps you don’t even know where to start. It is possible you are regretting or questioning the purposes that brought you into this new situation. You don’t have to live with these feelings of anxiety, sadness or frustration. Talking through these emotions and concerns with a counselor can help you feel more in control of your circumstances and create greater clarity about the road ahead.

Beginning College

Transitioning into college inevitably requires some adjustment. Whether you are making the leap directly from high school, or you are finding yourself back in the classroom as an adult, preparing for this new phase of life can be challenging. In fact, a recent study by The American College Health Association found that 48 percent of college students reported moderate or severe psychological stress and 53 percent reported being lonely. If you are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, anxiety, loneliness, or fear of the unknown, talking with a counselor or therapist can provide relief, validation, and encouragement.

Career Changes

According to public survey data, the average person changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime. And yet, that does not mean that a career change comes without great impact on mental health. Adjusting to a new job or career can feel like a monumental upheaval in life. Even if a new work environment potentially brings positive results and outcomes, there can be an excess of stress, anxiety and worry over the absence of familiarity and security that you once knew. Our counselors are available to meet with you and discuss the specific problems or concerns you are experiencing with a career change and help you on the path to feeling greater confidence and success in the workplace. 

Therapists at Therapy for Families can help

Our therapeutic approach is a solution-focused type modality which is evidence-based and aims to build upon foundational strengths that you already have in your life. It is short-term, goal-oriented, and rooted in positive psychology principles. The primary focus is to address what you are experiencing in the present and how you would like to see things become in the future. We work together to build appropriate solutions through targeted problem-solving and utilization of your innate skills, abilities, and resources. We strive to help you visualize what you can do in your current situation, rather than what you cannot. 

In addition, Our Therapists and Counselors from Therapy for Families can help you as you transition and adapt to your new changes. Our mental health therapists will heal you feel safe to process the change, teach coping skills, and offer modalities such as EMDR if the change is traumatic.

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