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Youth Counseling | Teen Therapy

Have you noticed a change in your teen’s behavior? Do they seem withdrawn and sad, isolating themselves from friends and family and ignoring activities or hobbies they once enjoyed? Are they easily frustrated or irritable, troubled with worry or nervousness, complaining of frequent stomach pain or headaches? Are they burdened with feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, or failure to measure up? Youth counseling can help your teen gain confidence, learn skills to cope with and handle obstacles, and overcome negative thoughts and behaviors.

Some issues teens face today include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body image issues, and eating disorders. The emergence of these difficulties during adolescence does not mean they will progress into adulthood. However, addressing them at this pivotal stage of development could help teens process and move past them. Additionally, teen therapy sets the stage for healthier, more effective management strategies in later life.

The teen years can be challenging.

We are here to offer support and guidance.

During the teen years, many youths struggle with heavy emotions and confusing feelings while navigating physical changes and evolving peer dynamics. Another normal development during this time is the teen seeking more independence from parents and caregivers while also needing support and guidance for the many changes in their lives. In some cases parents may not feel they can give the support their teen needs. Alternately, parents may find their teen is not responsive to their help. A licensed youth therapist provides the tools, knowledge, and empathy that can make a huge difference in the well-being of the teen in counseling, and the family unit as whole.

I feel like my teen is shutting me out. What's going on?

As children enter adolescence, their peer group becomes a more vital aspect of their life. Sometimes complications arise in these relationships, such as peer pressure, bullying, or body shaming. They may witness their peers engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors or substance use/abuse or engage in these behaviors themselves. Maneuvering these complex social situations can be difficult and may feel overwhelming. Teens may fear being honest with their parents or caregivers, hindering their access to guidance and support. When teens feel connected and secure in the therapeutic relationship, they can safely explore their feelings and values. A caring youth counselor can help them plot a course of action that leads to fulfillment and healthy outcomes. Youth counseling at Therapy for Families provides a safe space for your teen to explore their feelings and develop coping skills for handling the tough choices they face.

Teenage Stage

The teen years are a time of transition, growth, and discovery. While embarking on this journey towards greater freedom and personal purpose is exciting and rewarding, it can also be a time of confusion, fear, and insecurity as teens face rapid changes and unfamiliar feelings and challenges. Teens may wish they had a roadmap and guidance to support them as they navigate the trials encountered during this period but are reluctant to ask for help. In these cases, parents can be their teens' greatest advocate and lifeline. Healthy, open communication and fostering a feeling of safety and acceptance can help you and your teen address any concerns or needs that may otherwise go unmet. You and your teen may find that a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable therapist can be an excellent source of support and information to aid you in moving forward.

A Note for Teens Considering Youth Counseling

While many of the challenges teens encounter during adolescence are similar, every experience, like every teen, is unique to you! We know life can be filled with confusion, stress, and uncertainty. You may feel misunderstood or alone as you tackle the changes and complexities of learning who you are, who you hope to become, and your place in the world around you. You have a growing responsibility for your life's direction, and many potential obstacles or pitfalls to navigate. Please know that you do not have to take this journey alone. Seek out the trustworthy and capable adults in your life who may offer support and guidance. Ask for help! Your willingness to request and accept assistance is a sign of your bravery and hopefulness for your future. We have helped countless teens progress through this stage of life, and we stand ready to offer the same relief to you!

Supporting Parents and Families of Teens | Youth and Family Counseling

As your child enters this stage of life, they need and desire greater independence, freedom, and space to grow and develop into their own person. At the same time, they are still learning about the world and their place within it. They are grappling with large-scale changes physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. You may need help knowing how to provide the structure and support they need while allowing them to stretch themselves and stand on their own. Additionally, you may find that communications does not come as easily as it once did or that you do not know what to say to help. You are not alone! We are here to support and encourage your teen by assisting them to develop beneficial skills and working with them to discover solutions to the things that may be causing them difficulty. We are also pleased to offer family therapy to help you and your teen navigate this new chapter in your relationship, and hone communication skills that can increase your understanding and connection.

The Therapy for Families Approach to Youth Counseling

At Therapy for Families, we offer proven strategies and evidence-based practices to support teens and their families. In addition to active listening and providing a secure place to process the feelings and situations teens encounter, we can help them overcome negative thought and behavior patterns and replace them with healthy, practical approaches that can be useful now and in the future. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) are two highly effective therapeutic interventions our youth therapists are trained and experienced with.

CBT is a form of talk therapy focused on psychosocial intervention. Counselors assess biological, psychological, and social functioning of the individual in therapy. They then identify possible supports and coping mechanisms to improve well-being and quality of life. This therapy focuses on shifting behaviors by keying into the thoughts and feelings that drive them. Our thoughts are powerful tools that impact emotional states, which then inform our actions. By reframing negative or distorted thought patterns into beneficial and healthy patterns, teens can learn to guide their thoughts toward actions that lead to positive outcomes. CBT is an effective intervention for treating mood disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. It also aids teens in developing healthy, positive coping mechanisms that serve them well in all areas of life.

Solution Focused Therapy is another evidence-based intervention during which the therapist will collaborate with your teen to develop solutions to overcome their difficulties. SFT uses a positive, future-oriented, hopeful approach to improving well-being and happiness. SFT builds on past successes and times when your teen satisfactorily navigated a problem. Additionally, it uses the tools and skills teens have used successfully in the past to inspire future direction. Your teen will build confidence in their abilities to handle difficulties. They will learn to look for and foster positive coping skills they may already possess but did not recognize. This approach encourages personal accountability and is highly individualized to each person's needs.

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Adolescence can be a time of stress and conflicting emotions. Teens may struggle to navigate the many changes in their world. Additionally, it can be hard for parents and caregivers to watch their youth suffer with difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low self-worth, eating disorders, and other issues. You can help your teen receive the guidance and support they need. Reach out to one of our youth therapists today! Youth counseling enables your teen to share and process feelings, develop coping skills, and move forward with confidence and peace.

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