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Teens that are struggling with self harm, negative self talk, struggling to express what they are feeling and needing, emotional flood quickly or shut down and isolate. The main goals of DBT are to teach individuals skills for managing their emotions, improving interpersonal relationships, and creating a life worth living.

When your teenager is sensitive, they tend to become upset quickly, display intense emotional reactions, and struggle to calm down after experiencing strong emotions. It might feel like you're constantly treading carefully or overwhelmed by the fear that each time your teen is triggered, it could lead to self-harm or more severe consequences.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group will help your teens..

1. Mindfulness:

-Increased Self-Awareness: Develop a heightened awareness of thoughts and emotions in the present moment, fostering a deeper understanding of one's inner experiences.

-Reduced Reactivity: Learn to observe and accept thoughts and feelings without judgment, leading to reduced emotional reactivity and impulsive behavior.

2. Distress Tolerance:

-Effective Coping Strategies: Acquire a toolbox of healthy coping mechanisms to manage distressing situations without resorting to harmful behaviors.

-Resilience Building: Develop the ability to tolerate and navigate challenges, enhancing resilience in the face of adversity.

3. Emotion Regulation:

-Identification of Triggers: Learn to identify and understand the triggers of intense emotions, providing a foundation for effective regulation.

-Improved Emotional Self-Control: Develop strategies to regulate and modulate intense emotional responses, promoting a more balanced and controlled emotional state.

4. Interpersonal Effectiveness:

-Healthy Communication: Enhance communication skills, including assertiveness and active listening, to navigate social interactions more effectively.

-Boundary Setting: Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships, promoting a sense of personal integrity and mutual respect.

-Conflict Resolution: Acquire skills for resolving conflicts constructively, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Overall, the detailed benefits of DBT encompass improved self-awareness, effective coping strategies, resilience building, enhanced emotional self-control, improved communication, boundary setting, and conflict resolution, all contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Help your teens that have little self worth identify their negative thinking patterns and learn more balanced ways of viewing self. Then they can go on to live a life worth living.

Group Details

  • Duration: 60 minutes per a group
  • Session Structure: Weekly meetings for 12 weeks
  • Pricing: 50.00 per a session & sliding scales 


Join us at our welcoming and secure space:

820 Lawrence Road #128 , Kemah, TX 77565

What to Expect:

In each 60-minute session, teens will engage in a supportive environment, learning and practicing essential DBT skills. Guided by experienced therapists, participants will explore mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Why Choose Our Group Sessions?

  • Holistic Approach: Comprehensive DBT curriculum addressing various aspects of emotional well-being.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with peers facing similar challenges, fostering understanding and camaraderie.
  • Proven Results: Equip teens with practical skills to enhance emotional resilience and improve daily life.


Start Date: February 19th

Time: 7-8 PM

Limited Spots Available: 8 Spots left! Reserve your spot today!

Investment in Your Teen's Future

Investing in your teen's emotional well-being is an investment in their future. The cost of each session is $75, billed in advance for three sessions at a time. Payment details and options will be provided upon registration.

How to Register:

Ready to empower your teen with the tools for a more balanced and fulfilling life? Contact us to reserve a spot or inquire about the program.