Common Myths about Marriage

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Common Myths about Marriage by Amber Barker

Have you ever gone to someone for advice about your marriage
just to have them say that you and your partner need to learn to
communicate better? If so, you are in the majority. Communication and
learning to resolve conflicts seem to be the hot advice given by anyone
who has ever been married or in a significant relationship.
But, what if I told you this was not the secret to happily ever after?
What if communication is not the solution that it is touted to be? What if it
is just a myth?
Below are eight common myths about marriages and what may
lead to the demise of them. These myths have led many couples to believe
their relationship is hopeless, doomed, or beyond repair. Knowing what these myths are and that they
are not signs of a failed relationship may just save yours.

The Myths

Communication Can Save Your Marriage Communication is a useful tool and maybe you and your
partner need to improve in this area. That’s great to know! However, just changing how you
communicate will not save your marriage.
Some relationships where couples always agree fail. Other relationships where couples have
screaming matches succeed. The issue is not about your style of communication or even about resolving
every disagreement that you and your partner have.
Marriages Are Ruined By Personality Issues The hot debate has always been should you marry
someone just like you? Or marry your complete opposite? Honestly, it’s not an either-or situation.
Regardless of whether you are just the same or completely opposite of your partner, the
question really becomes do you mesh well together? Does your personality complement your partner’s?

You Must Share Common Interests Okay, I hear this one a lot. Common interests can be a good thing.
Maybe you and your partner both enjoy playing games so you establish a game night with friends and
family. Only then your partner’s competitive side comes out and you end up fighting the whole time
because you think your partner needs to calm down and your partner is frustrated you aren’t getting
more into the games.
Another couple may implement this same game night and it go smoothly. Common interests are
just like communication from above, they can be good for your marriage but they will not save it.
Quid Pro Quo Have you ever been in a relationship where it felt like there was a tally being kept
somewhere and you were sure that you were falling behind? Maybe this tally is about nice things each
partner does or maybe it’s about who’s winning arguments.

Hi My name is Amber Barker, I would love to support you and your relationship!

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