Are you feeling stuck?

From feeling overwhelmed to peace

From Depression to Joy

From feeling emotionally disconnected to feeling emotionally safe

Hello, congratulations on being brave and having the desire to heal and create wholeness in your life. The choice to start the therapy process,  can be very scary.  Choosing to invest in therapy  means that you are also ready to find acceptance and peace. This journey, does not mean there is something wrong with you or you are incompetent. This means you are valuing yourself.

Healing is a sacred process. It’s a journey that may feel hard and heavy, and certainly a process you don’t want to experience alone. Us humans are not made to heal alone; in fact, healing in isolation is not possible. Whether you just need tools to manage stress, or there is something heavy that you can not hold off anymore, therapy can provide a felt sense of safety, direction and peace that you have been desiring.

Therapy for families works with all populations: children, adults, couples and family. We are looking forward to meeting you!